Edward the Chameleon

aka: Death

Edward (OU)
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Character: Edward
Series/Fandom: Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter novel series
Original or Alternate: Original

Age: Unrevealed, looks to be a young adult (20s-30s)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexuality: None. No attachments. Okay. Heterosexual--for entertainment purposes only.

Appearance: Edward uses his slender build and small stature to his advantage, deliberately coming off as an unimposing, good natured boy. With his short blond hair, baby blue eyes, 5’8’’ height, and slender form, it takes little more effort on his part to pull this off. Shaping his face into the perfect good ol’ boy grin and warming his eyes into pleasurable friendliness, Edward’s charm can go a long way into making a person drop their guard and feel perfectly safe in his presence. However, get him into a fight and the polite mask melts immediately away, leaving the strong, emotionless killer beneath in all its soulless glory written in the man’s blank, stoic face and especially hardened, unfeeling eyes. Edward is also very good at blending into any place, whether like a shadow unnoticed in the corner or as a person well-fitted in the current environment; he can adapt both his appearance and personality to fit in just about anywhere.

Personality: Edward is an intense and deadly man; he has no conscience and kills without hesitation. He is not above torturing a man, or woman, for his purposes, although he will usually try charm first unless he knows it is pointless. Edward, above all else, enjoys a challenge. He views the killing of vampires, lycanthropes, and other monsters as his personal entertainment. He is prideful, and has expressed the fact (during a large ghoul attack) that when in a no-win situation he would rather kill himself than let the monsters have the satisfaction.

‘Ted’ is one of Edward’s many personae, and quite possibly the most used. (It is quite a useful character in just about any given situation, for one reason or another.) Ted is a well known and well liked lycanthrope bounty hunter around the area where he lives. He is a good ol’ boy, with the utmost charm and good looks to match. He is well liked by the local police force and his personal experiences are respected enough to warrant occasional insight and expertise on preternatural cases. However, Edward can take on many personae to fit any given situation and place, and can easily pass off as anyone he dreams up on the spot.

Housing: Tzu-Okto

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