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008 | All to Myself Again

[Private]Collapse )

Sounds like people are making a big deal outta someone new. What's all the commotion? I mean, from the sounds of it it's not like he's special or anything. I've hunted worse. If it ain't supernatural, it's nothing to worry about.

Give me a lyncanthrope any day.

If people free better, I'll start going on patrol more often, too. But it seems like everyone who does that normally already has upped their ante. Who says people aren't responsible aroumd here? Heheh.

007 | Still Not Amused

This isn't interesting either.

At least I'm not affected. Damn magic.

005 | Roommate

Anna-chan. I see you have moved in with yours truly.

[Screened to Anna || Unhackable]

I assume you'll stay out of the way and not bother me, as I'll do the same towards you. There was a reason, after all, I chose an empty apartment upon arriving here.

I think, though, that we can easily get along. We're of similar ilk. Arrangements shouldn't be too hard to make and maintain.

Also. If you reveal anything to this compound about my true nature--I will kill you. Cuff or no cuff.

And I don't hesitate.

...Not even for children.


Nice to have you.

004 | Bet

...So who wants to place bets for the next Sunday something crazy insane strange/magical will happen to the compound?

003 | Kids | Voice Post


Kids. Lots of kids. This place is exciting. [/sarcasm]

[completely sincere:] Stay away. Um, please. There's just... too many sharp objects around my person. And I'd rather not hurt any little kiddies by accident. Really, that would be a shame. I don't like hurting innocents.

I'll make an effort to stay in my room and out of the way. Promise.

002 | Housing | Voice Post

[A note for all further posts: the i.d. system on the PDA system officially lists this recorder's identity as "Ted Forrester" and there is no association with the previous post by this user. As a further note, this man's voice has a slight southern drawl to it, where the other did not.]

I looked at the apartments today. There is an empty one that I will be placing myself in. Tzu-Okto. I hope that doesn't bother anyone, but I didn't feel like waiting for someone to place me in one. It's not comfortable sleeping outside all the time, you know.

001 | Not Acceptable | Voice Post

[the identity of who posted this is scrambled and not hackable to find out]


So this is a war-zone. And I’ve been drafted. Brought into someone else’s fight. To battle an alien force. That is apparently intangible. And nearly indestructible. With a bunch of other misfits running around. …And I’m not getting paid for it.

This is not acceptable.

There will be consequences.


Name: Edward
Real Name: Unrevealed
Aliases: Theodore "Ted" Forrester; Teddy; Ned
Anita's Nicknames: Edward the Chameleon, Death
Occupation: Paranormal Bounty Hunter, Assassin
Age: Unrevealed
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Edward uses his slender build and small stature to his advantage, deliberately coming off as an unimposing, good natured boy. With his short blond hair, baby blue eyes, 5’8’’ height, and slender form, it takes little more effort on his part to pull this off. Shaping his face into the perfect good ol’ boy grin and warming his eyes into pleasurable friendliness, Edward’s charm can go a long way into making a person drop their guard and feel perfectly safe in his presence. However, get him into a fight and the polite mask melts immediately away, leaving the strong, emotionless killer beneath in all its soulless glory written in the man’s blank, stoic face and especially hardened, unfeeling eyes. Edward is also very good at blending into any place, whether like a shadow unnoticed in the corner or as a person well-fitted in the current environment; he can adapt both his appearance and personality to fit in just about anywhere.

Personality: Edward is an intense and deadly man; he has no conscience and kills without hesitation. He is not above torturing a man, or woman, for his purposes, although he will usually try charm first unless he knows it is pointless. Edward, above all else, enjoys a challenge. He views the killing of vampires, lycanthropes, and other monsters as his personal entertainment. He is prideful, and has expressed the fact (during a large ghoul attack) that when in a no-win situation he would rather kill himself than let the monsters have the satisfaction.

‘Ted’ is one of Edward’s many personae, and quite possibly the most used. (It is quite a useful character in just about any given situation, for one reason or another.) Ted is a well known and well liked lycanthrope bounty hunter around the area where he lives. He is a good ol’ boy, with the utmost charm and good looks to match. He is well liked by the local police force and his personal experiences are respected enough to warrant occasional insight and expertise on preternatural cases. However, Edward can take on many personae to fit any given situation and place, and can easily pass off as anyone he dreams up on the spot.

Abilities/Strengths: Edward is proficient with many different types of firearms, anything from handguns to high-caliber rifles, flamethrowers to machine guns. He also is very skilled with knives, and other various short blades. He is a deadly fighter--it is unknown if he has any martial arts training in his background, but it would be unwise to assume that he did not. He is a skilled lock-pick, and has many contacts strewn around that can get him just about any type of supply he may need--legal or not--in very little time. While not so applicable in Econtra, it does show that he is good with both manipulation and the underground realms, as well as gathering information in any sort of environment. He has the chameleon like ability to blend into any situation and can adopt many different disguises at a moments notice.

Weaknesses: He is an unfeeling, uncaring bastard and has no friends, much less any true allies. He is also very confident--and why not? He is the most feared assassin out there, after all. But these traits can be a weakness, whether he’d ever realize that at all or not. He is not above killing and/or torturing anyone who might have something pertinent to his current job--even someone he knows personally. So gaining trust isn’t exactly one of his highest priorities; unless he is charming his way into information, and even then he can quickly change gears into the emotionless torturer.

Edward’s ’Ted’ persona, on the other hand, is a good ol’ boy. He is overly-friendly, caring, and, while not stupid, is a bit more willing to help the helpless. He is still, however, a bounty hunter and confident, just in a bit more relaxed manner. He only hunts lycanthropes, or if asked nicely, rogue vamps. Edward hunts anything--and everything dangerous. He has already excepted the fact that he will one day die while on the job hunting his highly dangerous prey.

Notable Possessions: Edward always has a slew of weapons hidden variously on his body. This usually includes several firearms and knifes. He is especially fond of his custom Uzi. He also comes equipped with a handful of crosses, silver stakes, vials of silver nitrate, and both low- and high-caliber silver rounds. He occasionally sports a shotgun. He likes flamethrowers.

For the purpose of entering Econtra, he has one pistol, two knifes, his Uzi, a shotgun, and the various anti-supernatural-being gear. (He was expecting a fight, what can I say?) He is not too particularly happy about all the weapons being made, in his eyes, utterly useless piles of scrap.

Spoilers for The First Death and Guilty Pleasures comics/novel in here. Mostly vague on the latter though (doesn't go far into it).

History: Much of Edward’s past is a mystery, including the man’s real name, for ‘Edward’ is hardly such. But it is rumored that he was previously a hit-man who grew bored of his average, human quarry and decided to seek out more challenging prey. Now he is the most feared paranormal bounty hunter and assassin a person can hire to take out the supernatural creatures roaming the land.

Edward met Anita Blake several years ago, the exact circumstances of which being undisclosed. Since then however he has considered her a useful tool and pseudo-ally when the situation places them together. He would have no qualms in killing Anita if he thought it necessary, and has more than once made it clear he would not hesitate to torture her to get her to reveal vital information to his job. At the same time though, he will go seemingly out of his way to help her if her goal is not in conflict with his own. (Naturally, this goal will more than likely end with the death of a rogue vamp or other preternatural creature.)

Two years ago, shortly after the U.S. made supernatural creatures legal and consequentially Edward was forced to be that much more careful in his dealings, he had one of his run-ins with Anita. Anita and her mentor Manny were helping the police out with a preternatural murder case when Edward was hired to kill a kiss of vampires. It turned out they were the same group, Edward figuring this out first as he contacted Anita after discovering it and going to her for information. This was one of the times he indicated to Anita in clear terms that he would not hesitate to torture her if the need arose. Eventually Edward and Anita came to an agreement, and when the shit hit the fan it was Edward who came to the rescue after Anita and Manny had already gone in and gotten captured by the vamps. Unworried about collateral damage, Edward brought a flamethrower and torched the place after five vampires and several human servants were already dead.

Recently Edward was hired to kill the Master of the City of St. Louis, Missouri, where Anita lives and works, and has gone to her for information. She lied to him (and he knew it), but because of their past relationship he decided to give her a few days grace to change her mind on the matter. The next day he broke into her apartment (again) to supply her with a shotgun and left a note informing her she had twenty-four hours before he would return wanting the information she had.

He never got that far. Later that night he was following a small lead when suddenly he became disoriented and lightheaded, and afterwards found him amongst the recently gathered Drafted. Now he is in Econtra, and he is not one happy assassin.